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True Booster

  • Extend battery life.
  • Boost phone speed.
  • Clear out storage.
  • Stop apps consuming data in the background to avoid costly data overages.
  • True Booster Clean and Optimize Android, Google Play
  • True Booster Clean and Optimize Android, Amazon

True Booster Android Cleaner and Optimzer

M2 Mobile Insights

  • Research firms: Discover the top used and performing apps across the Android ecosystem.

  • Carriers: See which apps consume the most mobile and WiFi data in the foreground and background, and set benchmarks against other carrier networks.
  • Device OEMs: Understand which apps severly drain battery, slow down the device, or increase CPU temperature.
  • Developers: Optimize your apps for low-end devices and carrier networks around the world.
M2AppInsight Crowdsourced Usage and Performance Anaalytics for Android

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